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Team Landscaping Service's comprehensive Fertilization program kicks off with a meticulous soil test, enabling us to tailor the most effective plan for ensuring a vibrant and healthy lawn for our customers. We provide a spectrum of options, including both organic fertilizer programs and traditional balanced lawn fertilizing programs.


Our services extend to lime applications for pH adjustment, crabgrass and broadleaf weed control, insect management, and fungicide applications. These products are strategically applied, complemented by scheduled fertilizer applications, to maintain the health and lush greenery of your lawn throughout the season.


Team Landscaping uses only Connecticut DEEP approved products.

  • Connecticut DEEP Business Registration #: B-05225

  • Commercial Supervisory Pesticide Applicator Certificate S-6253

In addition to our lawn-focused services, we also offer fertilizing and pest control programs tailored for ornamental shrubs. Team Landscaping Services goes the extra mile by providing tick control applications to create a well-rounded approach to the health and vitality of your outdoor spaces.


Trust us for a comprehensive and tailored fertilization and pest control solution that ensures the well-being of your lawn and ornamental shrubs.

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