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Pest Control

During the summertime, the allure of the outdoors, especially in our own backyard, is undeniable. However, it is crucial to prevent our outdoor havens from being overrun by pests. Ticks, in particular, not only pose a nuisance but also carry the potential for diseases that can harm our families and pets.


At Team Landscaping Services, we understand the significance of creating a safe and enjoyable outdoor environment. Our pest control measures are designed not only to address the annoyance caused by ticks, but also to mitigate the risks associated with diseases they may carry. Enjoy the summer to the fullest by entrusting us to safeguard your outdoor space from these unwanted intruders.

The licensed professionals at Team Landscaping Services are dedicated to ensuring the safety of your backyard. Our team is trained to employ measures that maximize safety. All our pest control products have received approval from both state and federal DEEP authorities, reflecting our commitment to using only authorized and safe solutions.


Furthermore, all our services adhere to Integrated Pest Management principles, as endorsed by the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection. With Team Landscaping Services, you can trust that your outdoor space is in the hands of experts who prioritize safety and environmental responsibility in every aspect of pest control.

Team Landscaping uses only Connecticut DEEP approved products. 

  • Connecticut DEEP Business Registration #: B-5275

  • Commercial Supervisory Pesticide Applicator Certificate S-6253

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